Our survey covers twenty nine (29) states, seven (7) Union Territories, seven hundred and eighteen (718) Districts, five thousand and one hundred (5100) cities and towns in India. 

There are a total of eight hundred and fifty (850) surveyors surveying approximately twenty eight thousand (28000) hotel property owners.

Once onboarding is fully implemented, there will be approximately twelve thousand hotel properties associated with the chain and approximately four lakhs and eighty thousand (480,000) hotel accommodations available through this network resulting in approximately eleven crores and fifty two lakhs (11,52,00,000) bookings annually generating business worth approximately Rupees twenty thousand crores (INR 200,000,000,000). This will have the capacity to directly and indirectly generate approximately forty thousand (40000) new jobs besides supporting another one lakh and sixty thousand (160,000) already existing employees. 

We have mentioned below the statewise list of districts and headquarters where our focus is currently concentrated. However, this is not an exhaustive list. The total number of towns and cities covered under this survey, as mentioned earlier, is approximately five thousand and one hundred where the primary (hands on)  data collection activities are being carried out. There are many towns within each district that present phenomenal potential to carry forward this hospitality business.

Once the entire infrastructure is in place it will boost the Indian tourism industry in an unprecedented manner. The airlines sector, the public transportation sector, the construction sector would directly benefit from this. 



The Core Concept

India stands at the crossroards of a great socio-economic transformation. An overwhelmingly large young population, a fast growing economy leading to greater urbanization, spread of basic infrastructure facilities, a growing realization among policy makers to develop the countryside at a faster pace coupled with multiple other factors have combined to generate massive movement of people between these growing centers of urbanization.  

The recent successes of hotels chains such as OYO Rooms and Airbnb have triggered a spate of interest among the larger, more established global hospitality groups and many have rushed to the Indian market to grab a piece of the pie.

Our client is one of world's largest in terms of the number of hotels and resorts they manage directly as well as indirectly. With long experience of successfully managing such large number of hotel properties across myriad geographical locations, the client is also very well established and have all the necessary resources to facilitate quick implementation of expansion programs in any market around the globe.  

Importantly, a new strategy has been employed to increase the participation of local elements into the system whereby all participants reap the benefits of long lasting win-win relationships. This new strategy is simple and yet powerful enough to generate the necessary momentum to put a business this size in place. 

Who Are The Promoters

One of world's largest hospitality brands is actively looking to set up a hotels and resorts chain business that would cover the length and breath of India. Keeping in view the immense potential in providing affordable accommodation, it was only a matter of time before some of the largest global hospitality players stepped in. We are carrying on this mammoth survey across India on behalf of our client who is arguably one of world's largest hospitality chains. With large investment capacity, our client is targeting the development of over 12000 quality hotel properties over a span of next three years. 

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With almost 65% to 70% decisions being swayed by the affordability factor, "Budget" is what matters most since "Value-For-Money" is by far the most important factor in customer's mind. 



Hospitality, in its essence means caring and providing comfort. Hotel property infrastructure coupled with superior quality of aesthetic provide a general sense of "well being" among the customers.



Well trained and dedicated service provoders at every level and every department of the hospitality business it at the heart of customer satisfaction and hence its importance cannot be overestimated. 



Assuring safety and security to all customers is a pre-requisite and always remains at the top of priorities for the management. It is a mindset developed over several decades of experience and successfully passed on to every stake holder in the business. 



Distances do not matter when connectivity is good. Every care is being taken to make sure that each property is well connected in terms of communicability as well as accessibility. Locating the property should never be a burden on the customer's mind. So as keeping in touch with the world. 



Technology is at the heart of this expansion drive. Be it internet based solutions or the infrastructure meant to service each of the properties such as power, water, laundry, entertainment, safety, kitchen, parking, elevators, refrigeration, fire-safety, etc., there is always the best technology at work. 


Metro Cities


As the saying goes, if customers can’t find it, it doesn’t exist. Clearly, the drive is to establish at least one property in each locality/ sector of these metro cities. Our survey has found enough customer traffic to make this possible

UTs and State Capitals


The twenty nine State capitals and the seven Union Territories are fairly developed cities and have witnessed tremendous growth in the last decade. This is only going to get bigger and the growth would remain unabated for at least two decades. 

District Headquarters


There are seven hundred and eighteen districts in India and the main city of each of these, also known as, the District Headquarter, provides immense potential for the growth of this hospitality chain since these are very strategically poised centers of urbanization. 

Tier-2 and 3 Cities


The Indian government's increasing emphasis on development of its hinterland has seen many  Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities spring up in the last decade to cater to increasing commercial and industrial activities. An upwardly mobile young generation is always on the move and they constant seek better, more comfortable and yet affordable hotel accommodation. 

Tourist Destinations


The benefits of a burgeoning tourism industry is beginning to make an impact across tourist destinations across India. Blessed with an abundance of natural beauty and religio-cultural hot-spots, the tourism industry is poised for massive growth. Growing income across the social spectrum demands more and better hotel accommodation facilities.

Boutique Destinations


Boutique destinations are on the rise. Away from traditional leisure destinations which are driven mostly by nature or religio-cultural abundance, the boutique destinations are more action driven and preferred by the younger and fun-loving generations. Adventure sports and other outdoor activities make these destinations popular and hence our potential targets.


1. Operational Hotel Property For Outright Lease Franchise Model

This is a wonderful opportunity for existing hotel property owners to partner with one of the world's largest hospitality chains by simply leasing out their properties. Integrated through an online national and international network, each of these properties would be thrown open to an unimaginably large customer base that constantly demands more value for each rupee spent. The availability of the following amenities will be decisive for this category:

  • Location & Accessibility
  • Structure Health
  • Elevators
  • Dedicated Hotel Security services
  • Dedicated Guest Parking
  • 24x7 power supply (Full Power Backup)
  • 24x7 Water supply 
  • 24x7 Internet connetivity
  • Fully operational Fire-Safety system
  • Fully Operational STP
  • Wheelchair Accessible
  • Air Conditioning
  • In-house kitchen
  • Bar
  • Free Wi-fi service
  • Television in each room
  • Intercom facility
  • 24x7 Room Service
  • Guest Laundry services
  • Mini Fridge
  • In-room Tea/coffee maker
  • Banquet hall
  • Conference Room
  • Swimming Pool
  • Party Lawn
  • Pet friendly
  • Gym


2. Operational Hotel Property on 70% Lumpsum Booking

The Company will associate with operational hotel properties on a 70% Lumpsum booking basis

The following will be decisive for this category:

  • Location  & Accessibility
  • Structure Health
  • Dedicated Guest Parking
  • Elevators
  • Dedicated Hotel Security services
  • 24x7 power supply
  • 24x7 Water supply 
  • Fully operational Fire-Safety system
  • Well Trained Management and Personnel
  • Wheelchair Accessible
  • Air Conditioning
  • In-house kitchen
  • Bar
  • Free Wi-fi service
  • Television in each room
  • Intercom facility
  • 24x7 Room Service
  • Guest Laundry services
  • Mini Fridge in room
  • Tea/coffee maker in room
  • Banquet hall
  • Conference Room
  • Swimming Pool
  • Party Lawn
  • Pet friendly
  • Gym



3. Bareshell Structure ready to be furnished and available for Outright Lease

The company is open to forging ties with property owners who are in the process of building a hotel and have got the structure ready or half ready. The client's team will coordinate with the property owner to complete the structure, furnish it as per required norms and then provide the trained personnel to manage the hotel. 

It is important that such properties are clear of all legal disputes since the client would also bring in the necessary financial resources to make it operational.



The revenue model for this entire chain of hotels is rather unique.

We are not sharing the Revenue Model for this chain of hotels yet with the general public. This is rather unique and packs the power to punch holes into many existing models. It has taken long and careful planning over several months to arrive at this exclusive model. The potential is so explosive that it would probably change the industry benchmark for years to come. 



International Integration


The partner's Integration happens at several levels:

Technologically, the partners are integrated into one huge network where each partner benefits.

Latest IT software and blockchain technology accompanied by Big Data and Cloud computing create super efficient platforms to render smooth and flawless services allowing guests to do "On-Demand" booking as well as cancellation without even a host response. Billing, payments and Refunds are instantaneous and completely hassle free. 

The system also integrates each partner hotel into one single network of thousands of partner hotels and each knowing what is going on real time basis.  

The smart phone application as well as 24x7 live portal integrates all aspects of travel, cuisine, booking and entertainment

Increased Revenue


The revenue enhancement for all partner hotels will more than double almost from the start. It has been established beyond any doubt and argument that integrated and standardized budget accommodations draw a great amount of interest among users. Growing urbanization and an upwardly mobile young and aspiring population together with growing tourism has created a demand which must be met. No competitor can claim to be anywhere near this famous international hospitality brand where nothing is left to chance. Being a partner to such a large network naturally increases the business volumes several fold. It generates a sense of user confidence in terms of safety, comfort, and value for money. Constantly reviewed, monitored, trained, and guided, the partners further optimize expenses at every level to add to the bottomline. 

Financial Assistance


Much emphasis is going to be on enhanced infrastructure, amenities, aesthetics, as well as safety to take the standardization process of each property that becomes a partner. There are 45 standardization measures available to every user across India. This implies the promoters are willing to provide financial assistance to selected partners in the form of non-recourse loans to upgrade their properties and implement the standardization expected of world's one of the largest hospitality chains. The size and terms of such financial assistance would be decided by multiple factors such as place, location, size of property, etc. Financial Assistance Packages will be available to all selected partners in every segment of the group chain. 

To make the cash flow status of each partner hotel smoother, due payments will be cleared twice a week regularly.

Professional Marketing Backup


Strategic Marketing coupled with targeted advertisement and promotional campaigns will be at the heart of this expansion drive. Supported and partnered by an already existing network of over 65000 efficient and dedicated travel agents across the world and another 25000 to be added soon, this is already a formidable presence. Branding, discounts, festival offers, special packages, are all going to be inalienable part of this amazing hospitality experience. Technology being the driving force where IT software combines with Blockchain technology, Big data and cloud computing, demand would consistently be catered and created. No place remains distant any longer. Every partner property is highlighted to the fullest extent and presented to customers around the globe. Direct interactions among users and hotel property owners/ managers become a reality never so far experienced in India 

Procurement Benefits


Standardization ushers in a centralized system of procurement that helps meet the minimum required standard at most competitive costs. Items such as teabags, coffee, creamer, sugar, salt, pepper, butter, cheese, mineral water, tissues, soap, shampoos, conditioners, body talc, bath foam, body lotion, moisturizers, tooth paste, tooth brush,  disposable shaving razor, shaving cream, shower caps, cotton swabs/ear buds, toilet rolls, sanitizer, disposable sleepers, bed sheets, pillow covers, blankets, towels, etc. would be made available throughout the entire network of partner hotels. Many other items such as cooking oil, sauces, packed and frozen meat and vegetables, spices, etc. too would be made available. complementary scribble pads, ballpen/ pencil, matchbox, etc. would be part of the standardization and hence would be made available to all partner hotels. 

Skilled Manpower Access


Access to skilled and trained manpower is key to the ability to dispense quality service to the users. The management would fulfill this growing demand through a centralized hiring process. Alliances would be struck with reputed manpower suppliers, skill development and training centers, vocational and educational campuses across the nation to hire the best talents available. Emphasis would be given to hire local residents to cater to this need. Apprenticeship programs and on-the- job training programs would be effectively implemented to make available workforce better trained and inculcate the best hospitality practices prior integrating them to the corporate culture and ethos of the company. Continuous ongoing training sessions, manpower exchange programs between  partner hotels would help achieve an ideal standardization across all partner hotels.


Immediate Standardization

Once selected for partnership and contract signed, standardization is completed within 4 weeks.

On Boarding in 30 days

On-boarding includes standardization, personnel training, Sponsor integration, upload into system network and travel/booking agent network.

High-Tech Integration

 A Complete Solution to Manage Hotels, Including Inventory, Billing and Orders.  Infrastructure Training, Technical Support. Enables Governance. Services: Robust ERP solution, Cloud ERP, Material Planning. 

Superior Revenue Model

The revenue generation for partners is far supior to what has existed in India so far. Not to be disclosed yet, these plans would be revealed to the partners under confidentiality agreements. 

Ease of Booking & Cancellation

Measures that generates extreme confidence to users such as "getting exactly what was promised", on-demand booking and cancellation, immediate refund, etc. to take the "user top priority" policy to a higher level

Finance for Partners' Expansion

Driven by a firm believe that "partners must grow" not just in terms of better revenue generation but simultaneously enabling them to expand their premises, acquire new premises by providing immediate, hassle free, non-recourse loans. 





  1. North Goa/ Panaji
  2. South Goa/ Margao




  1. Agra/ Agra
  2. Aligarh/ Aligarh
  3. Allahabad/ Allahabad
  4. Ambedkar Nagar/ Akbarpur
  5. Amethi/ Gauriganj
  6. Amroha (Jyotiba Phule Nagar)/ Amroha
  7. Auraiya/ Auraiya
  8. Azamgarh/ Azamgarh
  9. Bagpat/ Baghpat
  10. Bahraich/ Bahraich
  11. Ballia/ Ballia
  12. Balrampur/ Balrampur
  13. Banda/ Banda
  14. Barabanki/ Barabanki
  15. Bareilly/ Bareilly
  16. Basti/ Basti
  17. Bijnor/ Bijnor
  18. Budaun/ Budaun
  19. Bulandshahr/ Bulandshahr
  20. Chandauli/ Chandauli
  21. Chitrakoot/ Karwi
  22. Deoria/ Deoria
  23. Etah/ Etah
  24. Etawah/ Etawah
  25. Faizabad/ Faizabad
  26. Farrukhabad/ Fatehgarh
  27. Fatehpur/ Fatehpur
  28. Firozabad/ Firozabad
  29. Gautam Buddh Nagar/ Noida
  30. Ghaziabad/ Ghaziabad
  31. Ghazipur/ Ghazipur
  32. Gonda/ Gonda
  33. Gorakhpur/ Gorakhpur
  34. Hamirpur/ Hamirpur
  35. Hapur (Panchsheel Nagar)/ Hapur
  36. Hardoi/ Hardoi
  37. Hathras (Mahamaya Nagar)/ Hathras
  38. Jalaun/ Orai
  39. Jaunpur/ Jaunpur
  40. Jhansi/ Jhansi
  41. Kannauj/ Kannauj
  42. Kanpur Dehat (Ramabai Nagar)/ Akbarpur (Mati)
  43. Kanpur Nagar/ Kanpur
  44. Kasganj (Kanshi Ram Nagar)/ Kasganj
  45. Kaushambi/ Manjhanpur
  46. Kushinagar/ Padrauna
  47. Lakhimpur Kheri/ Lakhimpur
  48. Lalitpur/ Lalitpur
  49. Lucknow/ Lucknow
  50. Maharajganj/ Maharajganj
  51. Mahoba/ Mahoba
  52. Mainpuri/ Mainpuri
  53. Mathura/ Mathura
  54. Mau/ Mau
  55. Meerut/ Meerut
  56. Mirzapur/ Mirzapur
  57. Moradabad/ Moradabad
  58. Muzaffarnagar/ Muzaffarnagar
  59. Pilibhit/ Pilibhit
  60. Pratapgarh/ Pratapgarh
  61. Raebareli/ Raebareli
  62. Rampur/ Rampur
  63. Saharanpur/ Saharanpur
  64. Sambhal (Bheem Nagar)/ Sambhal
  65. Sant Kabir Nagar/ Khalilabad
  66. Bhadohi/ Gyanpur
  67. Shahjahanpur/ Shahjahanpur
  68. Shamli/ Shamli
  69. Shravasti/ Shravasti
  70. Siddharthnagar/ Naugarh
  71. Sitapur/ Sitapur
  72. Sonbhadra/ Robertsganj
  73. Sultanpur/ Sultanpur
  74. Unnao/ Unnao
  75. Varanasi/ Varanasi




  1. Chandigarh/ Chandigarh